Degen Blues launches groundbreaking musical NFT collection that reacts to on-chain data, powered by Chainlink Price Feeds

  • An upbeat MOON day or a rare DOOM day?
  • A volatile day in the market with a tense chord?
  • A regular HODL day with a funky, catchy groove
  • Your last birthday, or the day you first went down the web3 rabbit hole?

A new chapter in data-driven art

  • How does art change as it becomes digital?
  • What if art was created with the help of algorithms and data?
  • Why can’t an art collection continue evolving after it’s created?

An ever-changing collection, underpinned by Chainlink Price Feeds

From data to music, without human intervention

  • No random numbers. Each melody is deterministically generated based on the available data. There are no “mystery packs” in Degen Blues, and the only “randomness” in the algorithm is what the market provides
  • No human supervision. Beyond choosing a chord and scale, we make no attempt to prevent the market from playing “wrong” notes. As you browse the collection you’ll hear dissonant, and sometimes delightful, surprises.
  • No recorded samples. Notes are synthesized entirely using oscillators and synths in web audio. This is robot music all the way, from start to finish.
  • Logarithmic scale. The ETH price should sound equally groovable at ETH $420 as at $2400. So a linear scale won’t do. Instead, the melody follows the logarithm of the price, such that a 5% increase in ETH always corresponds to a 1-octave rise in pitch.
  • Auditory barber pole. ETH prices can continue going up, or down, infinitely, but the range of human hearing is finite. We wanted our melodies to smoothly jam without “running out of space” at one end of the musical scale, and without any discontinuities. So Degen Blues uses a sound illusion called the Shepard tone — you may have heard it in Christopher Nolan movies—to generate a melody that remains in the same two-octave frequency band, even while the listener perceives it to ascend or descend continuously.

Rare traits, generated by rare market conditions

  • Vibe. Each day’s melody is drawn from one of three musical scales, each expressing a different vibe — HODL, MOON, or DOOM. The HODL vibe is the most common, while the rare MOON or DOOM vibes are reserved for particularly dramatic days in the market.
  • Chord. Each day’s chord corresponds to a musical mode that starts on the first, second, fourth, or fifth degree of its scale. The higher scale degrees correspond to higher amounts of volatility in the market. You can hear the tension of the chords increase and decrease as market volatility ebbs and flows.

Where to Mint

About Chainlink

About Degen Blues

  • Andy Szybalski is a creator working in diverse mediums including painting, cartography, Solidity, and Javascript. As a product designer, he co-founded Google Street View and Uber Eats. As an artist, he created Zoom Backgrounds for Biden. His favorite jazz song is Song For My Father (Horace Silver).
  • Stephen Chau is a product manager and entrepreneur who (with Andy) co-founded Uber Eats and Google Street View. His favorite jazz song of all time is Autumn Leaves (Cannonball Adderley & Miles Davis).




A musical NFT collection generated dynamically from Ethereum prices

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Degen Blues

Degen Blues

A musical NFT collection generated dynamically from Ethereum prices

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